Books Received

A Democratic Theory of Judgment by Linda M. G. Zerilli

A New Dawn for the Second Sex: Women's Freedom Practices in World Perspective by Karen Vintges

Against Purity: Living Ethically in Compromised Times by Alexis Shotwell

Beyond the Binary: Thinking about Sex and Gender by Shannon Dea

Body Aesthetics by Sherri Irvin (editor)

Brown Bodies, White Babies: The Politics of Cross-Racial Surrogacy by Laura Harrison

Caring to Know: Comparative Care Ethics, Feminist Epistemology, and the Mahabharata by Vrinda Dalmiya

Comparative Care Ethics, Feminist Epistemology, and the Mahabharata by Vrinda Dalmiya

Diotima at the Barricades: French Feminists Read Plato by Paul Allen Miller

Ecological Borderlands: Body, Nature, and Spirit in Chicana Feminism by Christina Holmes

Engaging the World: Thinking after Irigaray by Mary C. Rawlinson (ed.)

Essays on Ethics and Feminism by Sabina Lovibond

Feminist Experiences: Foucauldian and Phenomenological Investigations by Johanna Oksala

Feminist Explorations of Paul Riccoeur's Philosophy by Annemie Halsema & Fernanda Henriques (eds.)

Feminist History of Philosophy: The Recovery and Evaluation of Women's Philosophical Thought by Eileen O'Neill and Marcy P. Lascano, (eds.)

Foucault's Futures: A Critique of Reproductive Reason by Penelope Deutscher

Implicit Bias & Philosophy: Moral Responsibility, Structural Injustice, and Ethics (Volume 2) by Michael Brownstein & Jennifer Saul (eds.)

In-Between Bodies: Sexual Difference, Race, and Sexuality by Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo

In-Between: Latina Feminist Phenomenology, Multiplicity, and the Self by Mariana Ortega

Intellectual Disability and Being Human by Chrissie Rogers

Intersectionality by Patricia Hill Collins & Sirma Bilge (eds.)

Intersectionality: Origins, Contestations, Horizons by Anna Carastahsis

Living a Feminist Life by Sara Ahmed

Love in the Dark: Philosophy by Another Name by Diane Enns

Meaningful Work by Andrea Veltman

Men's Intrusion, Women's Embodiment by F. Vera-Gray

Moral Aims: Essays on the Importance of Getting it Right and Practicing Morality with Others by Cheshire Calhoun

New Forms of Revolt: Essays on Kristeva's Intimate Politics by Sarah K. Hansen & Rebecca Tuvel (eds.)

Our Black Sons Matter: Mothers Talk about Fears, Sorrows, and Hopes by George Yancy, Maria del Guadalupe Davidson, and Susan Hadley (eds.)

Phenomenology of Pregnancy by Jonna Bornemark and Nicholas Smith, (eds.)

Refugees and the Ethics of Forced Displacement by Serena Parekh

Science and the Self: Animals, Evolution, and Ethics: Essays in Honour of Mary Midgley by Ian James Kidd and Liz McKinnell (eds.)

Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna Haraway

The End of Progress: Decolonizing the Normative Foundatons of Critical Theory by Amy Allen

The Ethics of Opting Out: Queer Theory's Defiant Subjects by Mari Ruti

The Perplexity of a Muslim Woman: Over Inheritance, Marraige, and Homosexuality by Olfa Youssef

The Phenomenology of Gravidity: Reframing Pregnancy and the Maternal through Merleau-Ponty and Derrida by Jane Lymer

The Social and Political Philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft by Sandrine Berges and Alan Coffee

The Spirit of Revolution: Beyond the Dead Ends of Man by Drucilla Cornell and Stephen D. Seely

Trash Talks by Elizabeth V. Spelman

Towards a Feminist Cinematic Ethics by Kristin Lene Hole

Wollstonecraft, Mill & Women's Human Rights by Eileen Hunt Botting